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Software Development

The term software development means the amalgamation of several activities like programming (High-level language), Bug fixing, testing, etc. which allow the development & maintenance of a Mobile application or system software. The development of any software consists of organized information like instructions and coding, written in a high-level language by developers. In this tech-savvy world, everything depends on software; whether it is running a small business or large business, everyone needs customized software of their need. Mainly software is divided into two categories, i.e. system software and Application software. In system software, the primary purpose is to control functions and usually, it comes preinstalled with the hardware. The Application software is designed for the benefit of a user to perform specified tasks and activities such as communicating etc.
AdBazzar Media Pvt Ltd.-The best software development company in Patiala, Punjab helping many small and big companies from all over the world to Stay Agile, innovative, and grow their business according to the changes in the market.
  • Cost reduction
  • The main advantage of software development is it will save both your time and money.
  • Boosts productivity
  • Software helps in increasing the richness of the business.
  • Increasing Company Value
  • Apart from boosting productivity, it also increases the company value in the market.
  • An Extra advantage in competition
  • When your company value increases, you will get an extra advantage to compete with niche companies.
  • Enhances flexibility
  • It gives you an ability to accommodate future changes in its requirements. Redesigning, it is often considered to be a part of a singular improvement package.

AdBazzar Top Notch Development Services:

  • Backend Development:
  • The Backend development is the most vital components of an application and can also be termed as "The Brain behind Mobile and web applications" which are carefully organized and written in a coding language, i.e. High-level language. The Backend is that part of any web and mobile application, which is invisible to a user. It works as a backbone, and the primary function is to connect and interconnect several parts of the software and mobile application.The backend web development coding should be carefully written for a good experience for the user. Our developers are professional and skilled in backend development services.
    In backend web development services, we deliver:
    • Professional and Experienced Developers
    • Interactive and user-friendly software
    • Custom REST API services & solutions
    • SEO friendly Integrated Content
  • Frontend Development:
  • Nowadays users are attracted towards Visually appealing web pages, so it is essential to work on frontend development. For a successful branding, we at AdBazzar offer exceptional front end & UI development services. Here are some key points of our frontend services:
    • We deliver Attractive & visually appealing web front-end pages
    • We offer a vast array of front end development and UI/UX design as per clients need.
    • Our Frontend development is based on the latest industry trends.
    • The applications we develop are robust, load fast and are fully responsive.
  • Progressive Web Apps:
  • Progressive web apps are the latest trend, or you can say in other words "The next step of the Mobile Web." In comparison to other Native Apps, Progressive web apps work in dual mode, i.e. Online and offline. Progressive web apps are like two benefits in one, i.e. it seems like a native app and function like a website.We deliver progressive web apps that are Reliable, Fast and Engaging.
  • Android & iOS:
  • AdBazzar is also in iOS app development service from the beginning. We have skilled App developers who believe in creating apps that are engaging.Our Specialized IOS Developers will develop Apps for iOS devices (iPad, Apple TV, watchOS). Swift is the language used for iOS app development.In our Android App development, we use robust technologies that help our clients business to grow exponentially.Android developers face difficult challenges as Google updates it API(Application program interface) every year like Material Design,64-bit apps,Daydream & ARCore.
    Our Approach in Android & iOS development:
    • All Code In-House
    • Custom Agile Process
    • End-To-End Service
    • App Store Deployment
    • Maintenance & Support

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